Some 2017 web design trends

It is important for every company to have its own website that is good enough to attract good rankings in the leading search engines as well as the target audience. With technology advancing at a fast pace, it is getting ingrained in almost every facet of human lives. Online user experience or UX is being given more significance these days.

The three keywords that users will want from the UX are relevance, interaction and personalization. This means web designers presently are faced with the challenge to come up with a site that is able to understand and respond promptly to the users. Contacting a reputed web design company Gold Coast can help the person to enjoy deriving a functional website.

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What is exactly new in 2017?

  • End of conventional web design: Web design as a concept in traditional sense is said to be fading away. Instead of web designing, it is now stated as experience designing. Role of design in conventional web design is to create a good-looking tech for the audience. But with time, it has morphed to something much bigger. Instead of giving websites that beautiful look, it is the user experience and their stories.
  • Conversational UI: 2017 is regarded to be all about conversational commerce. People are expected this year to interact with services, bots and company interaction. Since messaging platforms like Slack, We Chat or Facebook Messenger has been overtaking app downloads and social networks, companies have been trying to look out for ways and means to use this change. Hence, the conventional user interface design like the website is slated to become a significantly crucial topic for majority of the web designers this year.
  • GIFs & animations: Plenty of apps and websites do make use of animations. GIF is supposed to go mainstream! They are just fabulous and can be found everywhere. These are presently found inbuilt in Twitter and Facebook and also used for the web design. However, they are not to be overused and can draw the user’s attention. A rich product experience can be derived, workflow explained and can offer guidance to the users. Web designers by using different GIF creation tools can record it; Giphy or Photoshop will find unlimited design process.
  • Responsive design: It is expected to dominate since it is regarded to be an effective way to achieve a fabulous UX. Websites are offered flexibility by CSS media queries and can help them to adjust depending upon the various devices from where the site is being accessed from. Algorithm ranking has been changed last year April by Google for prioritizing websites that has optimized content. Companies this year can be noticed to re-boost their Google rankings. The situation is to be accepted by the website providers. It is believed that by providing fewer options, fewer responsive reviews and website conversion is likely to boost.

One can trust upon the web design Gold Coast to ensure that they stay with the latest trends in the market to generate business.