Reason Why Parties are So Much Fun Cake Presentations for Ajmer Celebrations

Have you ever celebrated a party from across the town? No, this is not an imaginary party but one where you not present in the flesh, but only in the spirit. Suppose you are away in Jaipur or Udaipur and you suddenly realise that it your niece’s birthday, what do you do?

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Get organised for the party

You feel happy, but you are sad that you cannot take part in the birthday celebration. Your niece lives in Ajmer so you call up the bakery to send cake to Ajmer. You order a special chocolate cake that your niece loves so much and add a note saying, “With lots of love and best wishes on your birthday, from your Uncle Dabba”.

This is the first step of course. You then connect to your sister and brother-in-law to know how the event is going on. Your smartphone streams the event from various angles through the smartphones of many birthday participants. Your children and your other nephews and nieces are the prominent ones.

Building up to the event

Most of the fun of a celebration comes from the preparation for the event. It is like when one waits for the summer vacation and then one fine day, the school is out. On every day before the vacation, the children keep saying, “Hey, Ram! Just five more days!” and things like that.

In the same way, the celebration becomes more exciting when we tag each other (those who will come to the party) and keep reminding about how many days are left for the big event. This builds up the excitement and one participates in the event more deeply.

Choosing the event

This brings us to the question, what is the occasion? This is one that should rest lightly on the minds of the fun-loving crowd who know that you should make the occasions and they do not just happen. This means you celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries, work anniversaries, and passing out ceremonies but you also celebrate the First Day of Spring, The First Week of Autumn, My Cat’s Birthday, and We Planted Our First Rose Bush Day!

Planning the party

This brings us to the way we go about the celebration. If you are in Ajmer, you order cake in Ajmer. You order the hall where you will gather, and you arrange for the band to sing songs. Or, you could arrange for a DJ and get some music disks. Set up the audio in the hall and you are ready to have a blast!

Keep the party eventful

No party is fun without any special events. People remember popping balloons at the party more than talking to each other. So, get some party games on the floor…Pin the Donkey’s Tail, Guess the Hiding Place, Guess the Word, and more are waiting to go on the floor. You can add fun for all by not allowing anyone to win more than one prize.

You can enjoy the party from wherever you are. The main idea is to take part and share the fun with those you love. For tomorrow, you may not have any occasion.